Flap Pasting Machine

Flap Pasting Machine

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Flap Pasting Machine


  • The machine can glue the opening of 3-ply and 5-ply corrugated cardboard.
  • Low cost machine,  suitable for all kinds of cartons.
  • Auto piler allows to load maximum carton to operate.
  • Quick chage over of sizes.
  • Continuous carton feeding is possible.
  • Automatic digital counter.
  • Finished carton travells to the end of conveyer by setting the number of carton as per requirment.
  • Reduces man power while comparing manual method.
  • Strong bonding and even pressing of the carton. 


    MMT 2400

 Max size of Carton(l x w x 2)

    2400mm X 1500mm

 Min size of Carton(l x w x 2)

    340mm X 240mm


    2.2 Kw


    40mtrs / min